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Automotive Electrical Technician

Bellingham, WA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Our G&R team is quickly growing, and we are currently looking for a new automotive electrical technician to join our team. Our most ideal applicants must be motivated and highly eager to be able to learn and know how to diagnose and execute on repairs. Using our access to automotive computer software, and their electrical systems expertise to solve various issues. Alongside this, we will also be looking for your ability to learn new systems and approaches to various issues, as well as work with the multiple Washington State Certified Ignition Interlock Systems that we service for Whatcom County. We’re looking for automotive electrical technicians that like to problem solve and can achieve a systematic approach to investigative skills and protocols for tracking and diagnosing various issues until they find the best solution for the client. If you feel you have what we’re searching for and are eager to learn and grow in skill and knowledge, then please feel free to apply today.

Please feel free to apply and reach out to us for an questions regarding work, pay, concerns, or other. Thank you and we look forward to possibly working with you. To apply please click the button "Apply Now" and follow the link or email your resume to lee@grautosports with you name, number, and any other information you would like to provide.


  • Customer service and communications skills are needed

  • High school diploma or GED is required

  • Determine and investigate any malfunction codes in the vehicle’s integrated diagnostic system using skilled expertise and diagnostic tools

  • Help establish service protocols for tracking the status of repairs, maintaining relevant technical manuals, using charts, and more for all of our products and services

  • Apply a checklist-based approach to ensure a comprehensive examination of all vehicle systems

  • Follow all manufacturer specifications for vehicle system repairs to ensure optimum customer satisfaction and facilitate returning business

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